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Welcome to the home for the McKinney top divorce lawyers. We are Jim Ross Law Group, and our staff is devoted to working diligently for men and women who are going through divorce.

We know that this can be a tough and sometimes painful transition in your life. Oftentimes, divorce is filled with negative emotions, from anger and sadness to a sense of hopelessness. We want to help you combat those negative feelings by empowering you with effective legal representation.

Our staff boasts some of the top divorce lawyers in McKinney TX, bringing decades of combined experience to the table to help you get through your divorce as efficiently as possible while helping you achieve the goals you have set for your divorce. 


Strive for a fair divorce — work with some of the McKinney top divorce lawyers

So much is at stake during a divorce and the team at Jim Ross Law Group wants to help you make the necessary moves to protect it. We provide assistance when it comes to the many crucial areas of a divorce including:

  • Child support: Whether you are shaping up to be the payor or the payee of child support, our top divorce lawyers in McKinney TX will make sure the agreement is fair and, more importantly, meets the needs of any children involved.
  • Alimony: This form of spousal support can become contentious quickly. Not everyone is keen on paying money to their ex-spouse. Our team will work to set an agreement or modify an existing one to reflect the needs of both spouses.
  • Child custody: Nothing is more important to most parents than time spent with their kids. As your attorney, we will make sure to protect the time and access you have to your children, creating a transparent co-parenting plan that is beneficial to the children.
  • Property division: The equitable distribution of marital property can sometimes be tough to achieve. We’ll make sure that assets are divvied out to each spouse in a fair way.

At Jim Ross Law Group, we know what it takes to get through a divorce efficiently. Our team strives to work collaboratively with the other side — collaboration means less conflicts and less time in a courtroom. Still, we are aggressive in the way we advocate for you and we will make sure that you are not taken advantage of throughout this process.


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